Tackle Your Tech Without Losing Your Mind

Does your business’ tech feel tangled up and simply a mess?

Maybe your website is out of date, your lead magnet funnel is broken, or you REALLY need an automated client onboarding process.

When systems are broken, it costs you emotional energy, time, and money. You probably know this all too well.

But as these tech messes pile up, you may feel overwhelmed and as if you’re drowning. You may even begin feeling resentful, like tech is the enemy and not your most powerful ally!

It’s possible to climb out of that hole! But first, you need to know these things.

Breathe and Take it One Step at a Time

If it feels overwhelming, you hate the idea dealing with tech, and/or you feel like you’re not tech savvy, breathe.

When you’re beginning a tech project (whether you’re doing it yourself or delegating), just take it one step at a time. Put blinders on and focus solely on what’s in front of you. Try not to worry about what comes next.

For example, if you want a seamless client onboarding experience, just start on your invoicing process.

Don’t worry about contracts, emails, welcome packet, etc. Yes, those need to be done and they will be… eventually!

Just focus on what’s in front of you: invoicing.

Getting that part set up properly with minimal stress and in a timely manner is better than whatever you have going right now!

Be Realistic

Something I’ve experienced with many clients is that everything feels like it’s top priority.

The problem with deciding everything is -urgent- is that you’ll have too much on your plate, you’ll move slower, and you’re more likely not to complete anything.

Be realistic with prioritizing. It’s impossible for everything to be TOP priority.

Remember, just because it’s not top priority doesn’t mean it isn’t important!

If you have a hard time with setting priorities because everything feels like it needs to be done NOW, I recommend making three lists and calling them Priority A, Priority B, Priority C.

That way it feels like they’re all important, and at the same time, you have a realistic plan: Start with Priority A then once you’re done, move to Priority B.

Plan Projects for The Future

This is related to #2: be realistic.

It may feel like everything must be done NOW.

But no one has unlimited time, money, and resources – including you.

When beginning to clean up your tech mess, don’t be afraid to space out projects so some are done months from now.

It may feel like 4 months from now is too far in the future, but if you have filled your calendar with projects in months 1-3, you’ll be busy enough.

Again, you can’t do everything RIGHT NOW.

To get ANYTHING done, you must be realistic.


What’s great about starting your own virtual business is that you have tons of affordable tools and resources to learn at your disposal. That’s why a lot of entrepreneurs choose to DIY tech in their business.

But you didn’t go into business to work on this type of work.

You went into business to do what you love to do: what you’re meant to do.

By delegating, you’ll free up your emotional energy and have more time to focus on other areas of business that are more complicated (or impossible) to delegate.

Most importantly, if you hire the right person, you’ll get it done right the first time and your business will run smoothly until it’s time to scale!

You could hire someone on retainer, but if you don’t want to get into a long-term contract and you want the work done soon and quickly, you can hire a strategist to do it in a day.

Our tech VIP days are perfect for this!

If you have a system you want set up or cleaned up, or just have a long list of tech to-dos, give me the details and I’ll get it done in one day. Plus, you’ll have my support for 2 weeks after the day to ask questions and get more strategic support.

This is great for any tech system that runs your business or marketing, like quizzes, lead magnets, website refreshes, landing pages, course updates, and more!

You can find more details here.

And if you’d like to book a free jumpstart call to tell me about your project and see if a tech VIP day is right for you, send me a message and we’ll put something on the calendar!